Why Refurbished iPads Rather Than Android Tablets?

Refurbished iPads are the talk of the town these days, and for good reason! When you buy refurbished iPad online in NDBD AU, you get the same perfectly crafted iPad as its brand new counterpart at a fraction of the price.  

But what really makes a professionally refurbished iPad more in demand than an Android tablet? 

Tablets have been around for nearly 20 years now, but it's only been 7 years since these ultra-portable computers have dominated the electronics market –and our lives. It was only when the first-generation iPads came into the picture back in April of 2010 that tablets became a major product category and an everyday tool we just can't get our hands off. 

It didn’t take long for competition to sneak in, stealing the hearts of many iPad junkies. Nonetheless, the iPad remained deeply settled in the electronics emporium and steadily ahead of the game.  

But despite the iPad being firmly entrenched in the lead, Google's launch of the Android gives rise to the question: Should we go for the iPad or an Android tablet? 

Looking at both parties, here are some of the reasons why the Apple iPad relentlessly stays in the lead: 

Affordable top-quality refurbished iPads. 

Gone are the days when the iPad's cost deemed to be its downfall. With NDBD AU's high-quality refurbished iPads at the lowest price, cost is now a non-issue! Get the best deals on the Apple iPad online at NDBD AU and see that there truly is no difference in quality but a big difference in figure.  

Refurbished iPad has more control over its hardware and operating system. 

When you buy a refurbished iPad, you can expect to have a more controlled hardware, operating system and App store as opposed to Android tablet's open system. This gives users a smoother, more stable, simpler and less overwhelming experience.  

Refurbished iPad has significantly less bugs. 

Not to say that the iPad is completely impervious to viruses, but Apple's method of approving submitted apps individually ensures that the worst bugs are eliminated even before its release. This gives the iPad an edge as it proves to be more stable and provides a safer experience for users. Google Play, on the other hand, has a more flexible mentality. Unfortunately for Android users, removing suspicious software only after reports have been made greatly affect the device. 

Refurbished iPad offers more exclusive apps. 

Who hasn't heard of Plants vs Zombies, Clash of Clans and Worms 3? They're just about the hottest games you can play on your tablet today and they're all iPad exclusive. Yes, a fair amount of the best apps are exclusive to the iPad and most app developers submit their latest creations to Apple first. Could the App store's popularity have something to do with it? Or perhaps the blistering increase of piracy on Android devices? One thing's for sure. For more exclusive, bug-free apps, the iPad is to be trusted over Android tablets any day of the week.  

iPad's Siri is a true veteran. 

Though the Android tablet has come up with a reasonably good voice recognition engine, Siri remains to be one tough cookie to beat. iPad's take on an intelligent assistant goes beyond   answering simple questions and performing basic tasks. Siri takes the job seriously, tying up with your calendar, events, contacts, reminders, social networking sites and even google. Siri is also much easier to use and is activated by simply pressing the Home button rather than tapping a microphone on your screen like that of Android's.  

Refurbished iPads offer a wide range of accessories.  

Just by looking through a tech store, you can already see that accessory manufacturers tend to favour the iPad over Android tablet with all the iPad-only gadgets and gears you can find. And being the most supported tablet has its perks. Ever heard of patented military-grade material to protect your iPad? An accessory for potty training your toddler maybe? You won't believe the multitude of choices iPad users have out there.  

The list goes on. 

So why choose the iPad over an Android tablet? Probably because reversing the equation would entail a much shorter list.  

The iPad is a market leader for countless reasons, pushing the industry forward with every iPad release. Apple has been consistently ahead of the competition and it just keeps getting better. Whatever you deem attractive in a tablet is likely to be housed by the Apple iPad, and having the option of a refurbished iPad at the lowest price is simply the icing on the cake. NDBD AU offers exactly that –a refurbished iPad at the best price online. Grab yours today!

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  • May 05, 2017
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