They’re Cheap, They’re… Dangerous?!

Keen on buying a new charger for your iPhone online? You might want to see which way the cat jumped first.

Every man and his dog wants to save a little extra when it comes to their hard-earned money, so the idea in general is to buy what we can at mates rates. But there are times when penny-pinching can actually cost you more.

I’m talking about phony Apple chargers. A recent report by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (TSI) in Britain said that there’s a whopping 99 percent chance that what you get from unofficial retailers online will put your life in danger. The organization bought and tested a sample of 400 chargers from various online retailers and subjected them to a standard safety test.

The result? 397 out of 400 failed as electrical hazards, and a mere three chargers passed the test.

Those figures are disconcerting for many reasons, and one of them is that these phony accessories are typically common buys. And that’s probably one of the reasons why stories of exploding iPhones and chargers, especially of late, have become equally as common.

Apple has always been vigilant in reminding its customer-base about the dangers of counterfeit electronic goods and phony accessories. Of course, you avoid these and all that hazardous baggage when you buy only from trusted retailers, online or locally.

In response to the study, Lord Toby Harris, current Chair of Britain’s National Trading Standards, warned that many criminals overseas try to lure in buyers with cheap deals in exchange for fake or defective items, which are known to cause fires, among many other dangers.

But instead of wishing for their chooks to turn into emus and kick their dunny door down, veering off unofficial retailers and counterfeit accessories  is a better policy to live by. TSI reminds online shoppers everywhere that safety should always be priority: “It might cost a few pounds more but counterfeit and second-hand goods are an unknown entity that could cost you your home or even your life, or the life of a loved-one.” You can read the full story here.

(NOTE: All accessories that come from NDBD—chargers included—are all supplied by Apple and are 100% original. No need for concern. ;) )

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  • Jan 20, 2017
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