Upcoming Top-tier iPhone Labeled iPhone Ferrari

Rumour has it that Apple will be releasing three versions of iPhone this 2017.  An even more exciting buzz is that one of them will be completely redesigned and is said to be a high-end model codenamed iPhone Ferrari. 

Some leaked manufacturing documents from Apple have been circulating the web and may have just confirmed this hearsay of a restructured deluxe iPhone.  It was first leaked on a Chinese tech site and has caused a hurricane since. 

The document comes with a list of features so big, it has left many speculating that the iPhone Ferrari may just be Apple's 10th Anniversary iPhone release. There's already an abundance of rumours so impressive and hard to ignore, you could only hope they hit the nail on the head. 

For starters, the iPhone Ferrari is rumoured to sport an AMOLED panel, which is a new kind of organic light-emitting diode display (OLED), giving the handset an all-display front surface.  This edge-to-edge experience is not new in the industry, but it's certainly a first in the iPhone world.  In line with this speculation, sources also claim that Apple might be gearing towards a new design with the OLED panels mounted on plastic, hinting on a curved screen.    

This superior model is also rumoured to boast an "invisible" home button and wireless charging on top of its glass-sandwich design.   

According to the document, Apple is also considering relocating the SIM card tray to make room for internal components.  It's said to be moved towards the bottom of the unit, making it similar to that of the iPad Pro layout. 

The reports remain unconfirmed, but in any case, you know Apple's planning something huge this 2017 to celebrate its 10th anniversaryCould theiPhone Ferraribe the perfect release for the season or is it something bigger than any of us could have imagined? We'll have to wait and see. Don't the miss the boat! 

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  • Feb 17, 2017
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