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Make Sense of the Weather with These Reliable Weather Apps!

The season’s a-changing – and it’s changing fast! It’s about that time of year again when winds can get quite unpredictable, and you always have to bring an umbrella around, just in case the weather goes bad. Good thing we have apps today that help us predict the weather with some accuracy – no thanks to the weatherman! But not just any weather app will do. You must get weather updates from credible sources specific to your location to help you sort out the weather on a daily basis or to aid in your preparation during severe weather.

So to help you work things out, we’ve assembled the best weather apps that give the most reliable forecasts and weather updates, as well as the best notification features that will always keep you posted and prepared for the weather. We’ve listed the app’s best feature that makes it reliable, for whom or for what purpose it is suited, the region that it can cover for location-specific forecasts, and if its paid or totally free of charge.


weather app dark sky up-to-the-minute update

Dark Sky Weather by Jackadam

Best Feature: Dark Sky holds the title for the best weather notification function that can give you up-to-the-minute updates. It gives forecasts regarding temperature, weather conditions, and best of all, precipitation. It tells you what kind of rainfall you can expect as well as when it is going to rain or snow and when it’s going to stop with impeccably predicted time.


weather app dark sky best notification     weather app dark sky best notification

Suited For: Use this app if you’re holding outdoor events when the weather’s not all that sunny. It is actually uncannily accurate that the app can tell you that it’s going to rain at exactly 12:14 during your outdoor buffet lunch. But it’s very useful for making quick changes up to the last minute before anything wrong goes down.
Locality: The app gives hyperlocal forecasts, meaning it provides weather information that are very specific to a location. Plus, Dark Sky’s hyperlocal forecasts cover almost every city, so you can use it wherever you are in the world.
Free or Paid: You must pay for the app, but it’s worth it considering the value you’ll get for its low-cost, one-time payment.



weather app accuweather comprehensive weather app

AccuWeather- Superior Accuracy by AccuWeather International, Inc.

Best Feature: AccuWeather is the most comprehensive weather app out there that can provide all of the weather information you’ll need, including the schedule of sun up and sun down. Its best feature is undoubtedly the MinuteCast— a two-minute weather forecast about the next two hours at your specific location, specific even to your street address, using your GPS location.


weather app accuweather minutecast

Suited For: The app is suitable for daily updates on non-severe weather. While it does provide notifications about severe weather, its thorough weather update is best for keeping in check your day-to-day activities. You can also integrate the app to your phone’s built-in calendar so you can easily organize your schedule according to the weather updates. It’s also useful for traveling since AccuWeather records weather nearly everywhere in the world.
Locality: Try using it anywhere you are, and you won’t be disappointed with AccuWeather’s accessibility from up to 3 million individual locations worldwide.
Free or paid: You can get this comprehensive weather app for free!



weather app weather underground

Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar by Weather Underground, LLC

Best Feature: If you want weather updates that’s surely credible compared to what your average weather app gives, Weather Underground is the app of choice. It provides the most reliable information about temperature, humidity, pressure, rain fall, wind speed and wind direction using its network of crowdsourced data from users and its own weather stations worldwide. Its unique First Light/ Last Light feature gives the precise schedules of sunrise and sunset within the day.


weather app weather underground first light last light

Suited For: Best for determining local weather in great detail and with great accuracy. This allows you to interpret weather patterns on your own or use weather information for your own advantage like knowing the First Light/ Last Light for your personal photography schedule.
Locality: Its crowdsourced base and vast network of 200,000 weather stations allow it to be used on any locality, anywhere in the world.
Free or Paid: This awesome app is 100% free!



weather app radarscope weather radar

RadarScope by Base Velocity, LLC

Best Feature: RadarScope gives you real-time radar images of regional weather, and includes detailed severe weather alerts, including lightning storms, tornadoes, and flash floods. Radar data is refreshed every 6 minutes, and you’ll be given various detailed metrics including velocity, precipitation levels, etc. to aid your conclusions.


weather app radarscope tornado warning

Suited For: This app is most useful for places that are always hit by severe weather. While it may be of little use to average users, storm-chasers, outdoor junkies and meteorology enthusiasts alike can benefit extremely well from this app, and help their families and communities prepare when a meteorological disaster is about to strike. 
Locality: Its services are limited to North America, Guam and Puerto Rico, but it’s truly useful during severe weather in these regions.
Free or Paid: The app is free, but you have the option to subscribe to a monthly or annual pro subscription via in-app purchases.



weather app yahoo weather best interface

Yahoo! Weather by Yahoo

Best Feature: Whereas other apps bombard you with data – data you don’t know what to do with if you’re an average user – Yahoo! Weather keeps things simple. It gives you all the things you need to know about the weather such as temperature, humidity, visibility, UV levels, precipitation, wind and pressure data without getting over-specific. It has intuitive controls and a minimalist, single-display interface which gives you a nice-looking, uncluttered weather app that’s both useful and easy on the eyes.


weather app yahoo weather best interface

Suited For: Get this app if you want daily and general weather updates on a decorative minimalist app. In our opinion, it strikes that delicate balance between beauty and utility. One could even say that it’s a weather app any person could work with.
Locality: It uses data collected from its worldwide network, so you can use this app anywhere in the world.
Free or Paid: This app may be pretty, but it’s not free. You can buy this gem from the AppStore.



weather app weatherpro for europe

WeatherPro by MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH

Best Feature: If you’re looking for a weather app that’s accurate and practical to use in Europe, Weather Pro is as good a choice as it gets. It’s also one of the most encompassing weather apps in the App Store right now with millions of locations in its network. What it lacks with its lengthy 3-hour data update intervals, it makes up for with its inclusion of comprehensive info on basic weather phenomenon, as well as access to high-resolution weather maps and radar images.


weather app weatherpro maps

Suited For: It’s one of the most widely-used weather apps in Europe, and is actually more geared for use there than any other place. As such, it’s the perfect weather app for when you need to schedule travel to somewhere in the region, or if you’re in Europe and need to travel from one country to another.
Locality: Extremely popular in Europe, but its wide network of 2 million locations allows it to be used worldwide with no problems.
Free or Paid: This app is paid, and can be purchased from the AppStore.



weather app met office wearther forecast for uk

Met Office Weather Forecast by Met Weather

Best Feature: If you’re local to the UK, and you’re constantly wondering if the sky’s going to finally let up or stay overcast for the rest of the day, you might want to try Met Office Weather. The app is the most reliable weather local to the UK, taking weather data directly from the UK’s national weather agency, the Meteorological Office. The app provides up to 7 days of forecasts, and gives you severe weather warnings and rainfall maps to help you gauge the weather easily amidst UK’s unpredictable climate. Its “Feels Like” Temperature indicator is an especially neat feature to have when you need to know how to dress up according to the weather.


weather app met office weather forecast daily forecast

Suited For: This app is perfect for people living in and/or travelling to the UK. Although this app can be used to predict weather in other parts of the world, it has thousands of locations within the UK alone, which makes it a must-have if you’re in the region.
Locality: Can be used elsewhere, but is particularly useful within the United Kingdom.
Free or Paid: This app is absolutely free and doesn’t run with any ads.



weather app weatherzone for australia

Weatherzone by The Weather Company

Best Feature: If you’re migrating to Australia any time soon or if you’re currently living there, Weatherzone will probably prove an indispensable tool on your smartphone. The great thing about this app is that it takes its data directly from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, so it can give comprehensive and trustworthy forecasts of weather in any part of Australia for up to 9 days.


weather app weatherzone australia daily forecast

Suited For: The app was specifically designed for Australia and the neighbouring regions, and sees common use there. Anyone who has been in Australia at least once knows that the weather there can get pretty crazy at times, and this app might just save your life by telling you not to go near jungles when the weather’s ripe for bushfires.  
Locality: Plan your trip to Hobbiton in New Zealand or anywhere in Australia with this app in your phone.
Free or Paid: The app is technically free, but it comes with ads. To get rid of those, you need to avail of the Plus version, which gives you detailed 24-hour forecasts without any ads.
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