Be an iPhone 7 Wiz!

Now that you've got your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, go beyond being in the loop and maximize your phone's full potential by learning these simple tips and tricks that will make you an instant iPhone 7 pro!  

As you already know, the latest iPhone is packed with faster processor, bigger batteries, lenses with higher megapixel count and tons of new features that make the iPhone 7 Apple's best one yet.  In fact,  the premium handset you're holding is a matchless piece of device designed to bring out the best of iOS 10, the latest iPhone and iPad operating system.  To further enrich the features you love and fix those you don't, we've got some not-so-secret but scantily known how-to's and scoop on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.  So without further ado, here are a few tips to jumpstart your journey with your new side-kick 

The first one has something to do with the home buttonApple has heard your sentiments and you can now adjust the Home button to your liking.  Apple's TouchID fingerprint reader is wondrous and works impressively well. Perhaps, too wellSometimes it works even if you don’t want it to.  Thankfully,  this has changed with the iOS 10.  You can now choose between unlocking your phone by resting your finger on the home button or by pressing in on it.  Simply go to Settings, tap on Accessibility and choose the Home Button option, where you can enable or disable the "Rest Finger to Open" option.    

Of course you know very well that the home button is not actually a button.  You just get a button-like feel because of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus' haptic feedback.  This mimics the feel of a mechanical button, which may be frustrating since you don’t get the satisfaction of that inward click when you press on it.  For this, the solution is to change the vibration intensity of the home button in the Settings menu.  A dramatic increase in vibration will stand in place of that clicking feel you've been looking for. 

Let's back up on the lock-unlock situation a bit.  Did you know that you can do almost as much with a locked screen as an unlocked screen?  Thanks to the power of the iOS 10, you can perform various tasks such as adding widgets to the lock screen. Aside from being able to access the camera with a simple left swipe, you can now access widgets by swiping to the right.  The iOS 10 gives you a huge list of customizable widgets, which you can rearrange by scrolling to the bottom of the list and tapping on Edit.  

And for those who find it too time consuming to unlock their phone and open up a thread just to be able to read a message or give a quick reply, you'd be happy to know that you can now have a conversation from the lock screen.  You can view your latest messages if you 'force touch' on a message you just received and respond immediately without having to unlock your phone.  You can even see the typing bubble, which indicates a reply is coming your way. 

One surprising iOS 10 feature many of us secretly wanted so badly for years now is the ability to get rid of those preloaded software taking up precious space in our iPhones.  We're all guilty of having that one folder, which is basically a dump site for those apps we never used and never will.  Thanks to iOS 10, you can now delete preloaded apps you deem unnecessaryYes,  this means you can finally let that stock app go.     

As for the iPhone 7 Plus, though its significantly bigger screen is better for practically everything, some users may still be inconvenienced by the fact that it's impossible to use just one hand.  Here's the solution to that: double tap on the Home button and this will slide down the top half of the screen, allowing you to reach icons with your thumb 

Other features you might have missed include: Apple's new bedtime feature, which reminds you to sleep at a specific time every night and calculates how long you've slept based on the time you slept and the time you first pick your phone up and start moving around. new Flashlight Settings allow you to choose from three different light settings (low, medium, bright). More stabilized Live Photos with new editing tools were first introduced with the iPhone 6S but perfected by the iPhone 7. 

We've only scratched the surface.  There's more to discover in the world of iPhone 7, and the good news is, it can only get better.

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  • Mar 10, 2017
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