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Apple's Clips App Outshines Major Video-editing Tools

Apple has joined in on the video editing trend with the release of the all new video-editing tool, Clips ! 

By now you've already noticed the increasing popularity of videos and video-editing tools across all social networking sites and you probably use a couple of them. We're with you! Who can deny the fun it brings? Plus it's one creative outlet that captures a more personal side of you that photos can't seem to catch.  

It all started with Snapchat, then other major social networking sites immediately followed suit. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp --you name it, they’ve got it. Apple's Clips app for iPhone and iPad  may seem like a latecomer, but its rising fame is undeniable. Just a day after its arrival, it immediately landed no. 28 in the App Store. Four days later, Clips was already downloaded by nearly a million users and that number continue to grow to this day.   

The Clips app for iPhone and iPad is somewhat like your trusty video-editing tool, but better! It allows you to string together multiple clips, add a soundtrack and share them on all your social networking sites simultaneously. Best part is, you can work offline! Shoot and edit as you please in the midst of your Wi-Fi-less adventure and share your creations later.  

 The Clips app features four effects you can use to boost your videos – Live Titles, full-screen animated posters, stickers and filters. These video enhancers can be used separately or in combination, and can also be used before or after recording your clip.  

One more thing—it's absolutely free! 

With all the video-editing tools roaming about, one could argue that the birth of Clips is merely the product of necessary competition and huge companies refusing to back down. Then again, who's complaining? Until social media and video editing is a thing of the past, we could only expect better tools being launched one after another. So where does Apple's Clips app fall into your pool of apps? Let's just say it would easily earn an easy access spot on your iPhone or iPad . 

Apple's Clips app offers a lot more than your usual video-editing tool, yet it's simplestraightforward and doesn't call for you to be a video-editing wiz. Check it out for yourself! Download the app today.

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  • Apr 14, 2017
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