Apple Watch 3 Rumours on the Rise

Though the Apple Watch 2 has just been released last quarter of 2016 and Apple's next wearable is far from launch, an abundance of rumours, speculations and wishes of what Apple Watch 3 will bring have already been circulating the web.   

The Apple Watch Series 2, which was launched last September 2016 added a few hefty new features to its predecessor.  Its GPS,  dual-core processor, a brighter display and water-resistance sure gave it an edge among its many competition.   

So what could the next-generation Apple watch possibly bring to the table?  We have a few hunches and new patents to back it up!  

First up, the new patents reveal modular straps with wireless charging.  Apple allegedly filed a patent by the name of "Magnetic Wristband" for the Apple watch 3, which features a set of magnets embedded into the strap that would hold the watch in place.  What's interesting is that when the watch is taken off, the band can be rolled up to create a stand, which is ideal for Apple's nightstand mode.  The watch can also be wrapped up with the strap for protection when it's being stored or transported.   

Furthermore, a recently surfaced patent suggests that the new strap design, which features a battery of its own, is used to improve the upcoming wearable's battery life.  The said multi-functional modular band also allows you to add features via the removable magnetic links in the strap.  You can simply buy those features you need, such as a GPS, camera or longer battery life and pay no attention to those you don't.   

Another of Apple's plans, which we're hoping they would finally bring to fruition with the Series 3, is a front-facing camera, integrated into the top bezel of the watch.  In case you missed last year's predictions, Series 2 was rumoured to boast this feature, but we all know how that went down. Either way, Apple Watch 2 still remains to be one of the top wearables in the market.  But yeah—just imagine all that goodness plus a camera, possibly for selfies or FaceTime! Keep your fingers crossed! 

While Apple's display is already stunning and one of the best,  rumour has it that another display upgrade is in order.  Instead of OLED, Apple is possibly going for brighter, more powerful Micro-LED panels for the Series 3.  This also helps the smartwatch last for more days between charges. 

Oh and how would you like the top smartwatch to have a circular display?  While we adore Apple's stylish square look, it's hard to deny the rise in popularity of wearables with a circular variation.  It gives us a feel of a traditional circular watch, except that it has super powers! 

And indeed that's how the Apple Watch 3 would feel if all these predictions came true! 

So how true are these rumours?  We'll have to wait and see.  But don't hold your breathWe expect the Apple Watch Series 3 to be out around September of this year, a year after the launch of Series 2.  What we do know is that Apple has been consistent in producing the best tech pieces in the market, so you can be sure that whatever comes out will definitely be worth the wait.

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  • Feb 24, 2017
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