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8 Brilliant iPhone Apps that will Get You Cheap Flights

Want to go to Bora Bora for the holidays but too lazy to get out of bed and go to the travel agency? Try out these iOS flight search apps that can book your flight for you! Not only is it a convenience, but these flight search apps are also able to find the best price for your trip, as well. Booking that dream vacation and your impromptu getaways has never been simpler using these excellent tools. Knowing which flight app to use has become an invaluable skill nowadays.


But why use apps instead of using airline or 3rd-party websites to book flights? Because these websites can get you a nice, comfy flight, if you're willing to wait, that is. However, apps will do the same, wherever you are, and at a much faster pace. To save you time, we've scoured the web for the best flights apps you can use for your next travel getaway. Here are 8 iOS flight apps to help you find cheap flights, bringing you one step closer to your destination.



This app is an excellent choice for comparing and choosing flights. The interface is very neat and comprehensive and selecting the flight date is wonderfully simple. The app even shows you a beautiful picture of the destination city you picked. The results are then efficiently sorted by departure time, price and layovers, or as I like to call them, “agony”. You can also opt to be alerted to fare discounts and price drops. One thing bothers me though, the little hyperactive chipmunk is cute but can be annoying at times.

Added Feature: You are given the option to book a hotel within the destination city, as well as available car rentals.

You can download the app here.



A little different from other flight apps, Hitlist is the perfect buddy for backpackers and explorers. To find the best deal for your dream destination, just enter the place you want to go, and the app sends you a notification on the best time to book that flight. Search your destinations via continent, region, beach, etc., and get a discounted price on your airfare. This flight app even lets you save a list of all the dream destinations you want to visit.

Added Feature: Create an account and get access to your friends’ lists and destination guides. Planning a trip with friends has become easier with the app. It’s not called ‘Hitlist’ for nothing.

You can download the app here.



Hopper, like other flight booking apps, offers the usual when-to-buy-and-fly-for-the-lowest-price feature. All you need to know is where you want to go, and you’re set. The app works fast, it’s visually welcoming, and most of all, easy to use. The takeaway of this app, however, lies in its new feature – perfect for globetrotters on a budget who don’t care where to go and just need to get away from it all.

Best Feature: The new “Flex Watch” feature suggests locations for you that have the best and lowest prices available according to your date of travel. You might pay $ 1,500.00 for a trip to Malaysia, but miss out on a $ 650.00 round-trip flight to Mongolia. This is where being flexible comes in. Book that trip to Mongolia and save some serious cash - you can visit Malaysia some other time.

You can download the app here.



Kayak enables you to search for cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals by comparing from hundreds of travel sites. You will also find price forecasts and airfare history in the app which give you a birds-eye-view of the price trend your airline offers, anticipating when to book a flight. This flight-booking app automatically eradicates all the premium and expensive flights to save you time and effort. You can even compare prices, set alerts for the best deal, and monitor your flight status with the app.

Added Features: A customised packing list, currency converter, and an airline directory are the extra features the avid traveller needs for a total travelling experience.

You can download the app here.



Not to be confused with the social media app, Kiwi (.com) uses a sophisticated search algorithm to find the best flights (almost all of the available ones) for the lowest price while combining big airlines with low-cost carriers – a feature unique to The app will also give you a list of other possible routes and layovers to your destination, saving you a ton of cash in the process. Missed your connecting flight? will book you a new flight, free of charge! They will even shoulder your overnight stay when needed.

Extra Feature: The "Radius Search" is a nifty feature for travellers on-the-go. In the app, open the maps and draw a circle where you are, and where you want to go (no need to specify were). The app automatically searches the cheapest flight available from your location to the circle where you want to go, as well as telling you from which airport to fly.

You can download the app here.



With a fresh and colourful display and easy-to-use interface, Momondo maximises the screen display to show all the information you need. Momondo uses a 10-point system to score flight times and ticket prices and help you get the cheapest, quickest, and best rate for your flight. This flight booking app is clear, concise, and straightforward. Users get search results instantly from over 30 sites with an in-depth flight search tool.

Best Feature: Having no annoying pop-ups is always a plus.

You can download the app here.



Skiplagged is a flight search app that takes advantage of the “hidden city ticket” where airlines sell a cheaper ticket with one or more layovers before reaching your destination. To put it simply, Skiplagged finds you a more affordable ticket which gets you from point A to point B to point C, other than the more expensive point A to point C. Not only do you get to your destination, but you also get to visit other places you never thought of visiting before. Users can see and compare the least expensive destinations from many combinations from different airports and different airlines. Get a notification when the flight you're monitoring is nearing your reservation price.

You can download the app here.



Skyscanner has a sleek design that gives you a more professional booking app feel. You may be overwhelmed by how the interface looks the first time you open the app, but it's actually simple and upfront. Just enter the best day for you, and you can then filter the results according to preferred airlines, whether you want to fly direct, or preferred departure times. It even gives you a colour-coded chart or calendar form. The quick visuals save you from doing any complicated math of computing like how much you'll save if you do this or do that. Other features give you the ability to narrow down your choices by a number of layover and arrival and departure times, to name a few.

Interesting Feature: The key to this feature is not to be too picky with your date of travel. Say you’re preferred date of travel is a whole month. Don’t even put in a specific destination. With a broad period, the “Everywhere” feature shows you the cheapest time to fly to a particular destination, perfect for early stages of planning that dream vacation process.

You can download the app here.

The bottom line is, whichever flight search app you favour, you can get the most out of your money and get the best deal when you don't care where you want to go. Explore places you never dreamed of visiting. Use these cool apps next time you don't want to empty your pockets on just the booking process and want to spend more on experiencing the wonders the world has to offer instead.

  • Nov 17, 2017
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