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7 Phenomenal Cooking Apps that Will Change the Way You Cook
Cooking is a fun and necessary skill to have, mind you. After all, we all need food to sustain ourselves and stay alive, right? The app market is filled with both free and premium cooking apps for both iOS and Android. The world of cooking apps is both fascinating and daunting. Ranging from how-to-cook videos, grandma’s recipes, delivery apps, and online restaurant booking services, cooking apps are diverse.


Cooking apps are the next forerunner for the mobile takeover, offering step-by-step instructions detailing how to make a fine guacamole, orchestrate a weekly meal plan, and more. Some cooking apps cater more to the chef at your local restaurant, while others help those of you who are still learning to make hard-boiled egg.

Well, if you're a passionate cook or food lover, you might want to consider getting these nifty food apps. Here are 7 top picks for the best apps for cooking, regardless of your kitchen expertise.

1. SideChef (iOS and Android)

“Your virtual Sous Chef”


SideChef allows you access to more than 2,500 recipes. The app aims to make cooking easier for new foodies, as well as for the more experienced chef. Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions with integrated photos, videos, voice guidance system, and timers, all for a hands-free experience. You can also change the serving size of a recipe to your preference, which automatically adjusts the ingredients for you. And if you’re feeling proud of your creation, you can easily take a photo and effortlessly share it with the rest of the SideChef community.

2. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (iOS and Android)

“All the recipes you can and can’t think of”


This app has its name cut out for it. Allrecipes gives you access to almost all recipes with its 30 million users. The app’s dinner spinner function absolutely creates a diverse choice of recipes, promising you a unique dining experience every time. And with its Tinder-style interface, you can swipe away anything that isn’t up to your liking, and this cooking app remembers your preference for future use. This is applicable to the photos and ratings, which allows for a more social feel to its environment. The advantage to this is that you’re able to see what recipes are the cheapest to make. The app is also handy if you’re in the mood to make something special because it recommends recipes when you walk into specific stores. Aside from all of that, this cooking app comes with all the usual features like the ability to create shopping lists, saving your favourite recipes, and filter your search results by diet, cooking time, and food allergies.

3. BigOven (iOS and Android)

“Heating you up your next dish”


Giving its users access to over 350,000 recipes, BigOven makes cooking doable and should have something for everyone. With this cooking app, you’ll be motivated and organized. Some of the features include entry to its massive library of recipes, the option to add photos of your own dishes, the ability to make a weekly meal plan, the capability to make a grocery list in the app based on recipes you’d like to try out, and help to make your meal planning a lot easier with the weekly organizer. The app also adds the ability to give you access to different social media apps, allowing you to check out what your friends, family, and favourite bloggers are making, hopefully garnering some motivation from their creations. You can even type in at least three ingredients in your fridge, be it leftovers or not, and the app will tell you what dish you can make with the. Added to this, the app offers seasonal collections to get you inspired from the get go.

4. Yummly (iOS and Android)

“Bringing people together through food”


Yummly’s primary feature is its search engine which collates recipes from different cooking apps while also providing search results for the food blogs you love, and align recipes to your cooking preferences. Its goal is to provide recipes to try and experiment with, but you can also personalize what you search to fit your specific needs, lifestyle, and even your nasty food allergies you never want to deal with ever again. If you have other dietary preferences, but still want to your protein fix, Yummly has got your back. The more you use the cooking app, the more it remembers what you prefer, guaranteeing a tasty meal. The app will learn what you like and don’t like over time and begin recommending recipes more suited to your lifestyle, giving you the ability to easily save your favourite recipes or include extra ingredients to Instacart, the built-in shopping cart.

5. Whole Foods Market Recipes (iOS and Android)

“The Vegan’s best friend”


Catering to users who’s looking to lose that extra ten pounds, or fitting into those pair of favourite jeans from five years ago. Being one of the best healthy cooking apps in the market today, Whole Foods Market Recipes proves that you can truly eat healthy without sacrificing taste. The app contains mouth-watering recipes with matching photos where one can’t resist drooling over whilst giving you the ability to specifically search recipes for your preferred diet, be it fat-free, high-protein, low-carb, or no sugar. Nutrition facts for every ingredient is an added feature you can’t just ignore. This app works best in making healthy food look appetizing, making eating healthy easy and cost-effective.

6. SteakMate (iOS and Android)

“Another score for the carnivore”


A cooking app for the meat-lovers, SteakMate instructs you how to cook the perfect steak, be it on the barbecue grill or pan-frying, making sure you have surreal carnivore experience. This particular cooking app is easy to use, simply enter the cut of meat you have, the thickness of the steak, and the outcome you prefer (whether rare to well done), and the app will tell you exactly how to cook it including when to flip your steak over. Another feature that sets it apart from the rest, is its ability to help you cook more than one steak perfectly with its queue feature, meaning a flawless piece of steaming-hot steak on a plate for your dinner party guests every time.

7. Jamie Oliver’s Recipes (iOS and Android)

“Learn to cook like this famous Englishman”


Anyone who knows Jamie Oliver knows his more relaxed cooking style, which is why this app is perfect for the laid-back cook. Full of classic Jamie Oliver recipes, every week there are 15 new recipes to go with the season, ranging from quick meals to your dinner party selections for every occasion. With every scenario, videos and photos are provided, along with the how-to instructions to master the more challenging parts of cooking. Being one of the top cooking apps, it stylishly attracts those who just wants to make people happy with their cooking.

Whether for a fat family feast, or a demure duo dinner, may these cooking apps show off your skills in the kitchen, proving Chef Gusteau’s adage, “Anyone can cook!..”

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