6 iPhone Photography Apps You’re Missing Out On

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a pro photographer, at some point you’ll want to up the ante on your iPhone photography. So from free apps to paid ones, we’ve scoured the web for the most useful and instructive iPhone photography apps that will take shooting and editing on your iPhone to the next level! Here are 6 iPhone photography apps that are so helpful they are life-changing.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone

by Adobe

adobe lightroom for iphone photography app startup screen

Essential features:

  • Shoots DSLR-quality photos and saves them in raw image format
  • Allows you to edit the raw image format of photos using your iPhone
  • Gives access to your desktop photos with its desktop and iPhone sync feature


adobe lightroom for iphone photography app DSLR photography in your iphone          adobe lightroom for iphone photography app raw hdr capture mode


If you love having DSLR-quality high definition photos in your iPhone, download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for free! Shoot photos using its new Raw HDR Capture Mode that automatically lets your iPhone synthesise three versions of an image into one best high definition photo every time you tap the shutter button! You do not have to worry about making changes to these high definition photos because they are saved in raw image format which means editing does not reduce the quality of your image.

Take advantage of Lightroom’s desktop and iPhone sync feature, so you can access your most treasured desktop photos through you iPhone!  All you have to do is to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography and you can set up a cloud storage that will link your desktop to your iPhone. The subscription comes with a monthly fee, but not only will you be able to save these beloved photos in your iPhone, you can also edit them on the go.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for your iPhone.


Manual- RAW Custom Exposure Camera

by Will Global

manual raw custom exposure camera iphone photography app icon

Essential features:

  • Simulates manual DSLR photography experience in your iPhone
  • Displays useful photo details for learning digital manual photography


manual raw custom exposure camera iphone photography app adjustable manual photography controls                    manual raw custom exposure camera iphone photography app manual photography settings 


You can convert your iPhone into your very own DSLR camera with Manual Raw Custom Exposure Camera’s adjustable shutter speed, white balance, ISO, focus, and exposure composition settings. For instance, increase the shutter speed if you want to take a sharp still photo of a moving object or adjust the focus for vivid close-up pictures of your subjects. You can also change the white balance whether you are indoors or outdoors and increase the ISO when it’s too dark.

You have to buy the app to download it nonetheless you can learn the flexibility of a pro DSLR photographer for a small price. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the multiple controls, Manual gives you the option to review the details of the images on your iPhone and study them first. You can check information such as the ISO, white balance and exposure values of all images in your Camera Roll, shot with Manual or not, then practice applying these settings using the app.

Download Manual Raw Custom Exposure Camera for your iPhone.



by Mastin Labs

filmborn iphone photography app analogue photography film startup screen

Essential features:

  • Emulates film effects for saved photos in your iPhone or when you shoot photos using the app
  • Provides an instructive Camera Manual for those interested in learning more about film photography


filmborn iphone photography app analogue photography film presets                    filmborn iphone photography app analogue photography film camera manual 


Sometimes, you just want to flaunt your photos just like those professional Instagrammers. With Filmborn, you can edit your iPhone photos to have an accurate, cinematic look, or give it a nostalgic vibe just like professional photographers do! Download Filmborn for your iPhone for free and can choose from its three film effects or presets:

The Kodak preset is used for its warm tones for a modern coloured film effect to showcase your OOTD selfies or to shoot wild landscapes with your iPhone. Use Fuijicolor for pastel colours and soft green tones to capture those serene moments and blissful occasions such as your best friend’s wedding and your niece’s first birthday, or pick the Ilford preset for dramatic black and white effect for those perfect photojournalistic Instagram posts.

Interested to learn more about film photography? Filmborn also includes an instructional Camera Manual feature for those who are captivated by film or analogue photography. Go to your app’s Camera Manual and discover the background of different presets and their film counterparts, as well as find helpful advice on choosing the most suitable preset for each photography genre.

Download Filmborn for your iPhone.



by Prisma Labs, Inc.

prisma artwork effects iphone photography app icon

Essential features:

  • Transforms iPhone photos into classical and iconic artwork
  • Creates genuine artwork effects through a one-of-a-kind redraw technology


prisma artwork effects iphone photography app photo effects                    prisma artwork effects iphone photography app photo effects artwork


Turn your iPhone photos into museum-worthy artworks with Prisma! You can use this photography app to transform your iPhone photos to iconic artist's style such as Munk’s, Van Gogh’s, Picasso’s, Levitan’s among others or imitate the effects of famous artworks like the Japanese “wave” wood carvings and some well-known modern cartoons. Simply capture a photo or choose one in your Camera Roll then tap the effect you would like to emulate.

The results are stunning and realistic photo artworks in your iPhone for free! You get great results because Prisma uses a unique editing technology which redraws your iPhone photos using your chosen artwork style instead of instantly applying the effect to your picture. Add this photography app to your line-up to create breath-taking artistry on your iPhone.

Download Prisma for your iPhone.


Cortex Camera

by Whimsical Productions

cortex camera iphone photography app night lowlight photography eis electronic image stabilization

Essential features:

  • Shoots high resolution photos at night and with minimal light through electronic image stabilisation technology
  • Allows you to perform low-light photography techniques


cortex camera iphone photography app night lowlight photography adjustable shooting settings                    cortex camera iphone photography app night lowlight photography long exposure photography turn off remove motion blur option


What else could make iPhone photography even better? The capacity to take photos even when it’s dark! When you take out your iPhone at a club, Cortex Camera’s electronic image stabilisation technology captures high resolution iPhone photos without distortions and grainy texture even when you don’t use a tripod! Downolad the app for a small fee, and you can get the best resolution for your photos even at night.

You can also enjoy low-light photography tricks in your iPhone using Cortex Camera. For instance, practice long exposure shots to capture movements in your image like trails of light in a traffic jam, the flow of water in a brook or a dance move. Just make sure you turn off the “Remove Motion Blur” option from your settings, hold the camera as steady as you can, and the app will do its wonders.

Download Cortex Camera for your iPhone.


PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

by PicsArt, Inc.

picsart all around photo editing iphone photography app icon

Essential features:

  • Features a comprehensive collection of photo editing tool for all your iPhone photography needs
  • Offers an active and generous artistic community where photography tips, photo-editing tutorials, and free-to-edit photos are freely shared


picsart all around photo editing iphone photography app photo editing tools tutorials                    picsart all around photo editing iphone photography app community free to edit pictures tips tutorials


Finish up editing your iPhone photos for free while enjoying a wide array of features from PicsArt! Here are just some of the artsy editing stuff that you can do with PicsArt: use your photos in collages, or add texts, stickers, frames and shout-outs to your images. You can also apply brushes, effects, masks and corrections to enhance your photos. You can even make your photos sharper, enhance them through Layers, fine-tune image exposure and change colour temperature just like with Adobe Photoshop but in a more user-friendly interface.

You can also hone your iPhone photography skills by joining the PicsArt community where you can pick up photography tips given by professional photographers who will coach you into shooting breath-taking landscapes or stunning portraits. You can also watch out for the community’s regular releases on photo editing techniques where you can learn how to maximise PicsArt for creating masterpiece selfies and surreal photos. Join PicsArt on Facebook for easier access to the community and you can fully bloom into your artsy photographer self.

Download PicsArt for your iPhone.



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